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My name is Chloe. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in April 2016 and I am determined to help raise awareness for mental health conditions.

Within this blog I aim to:

  • reassure those who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition,
  • offer advice to those who have been diagnosed,
  • offer advice to others on how they can support those with a mental health condition,
  • share my experiences throughout my ‘mental health journey’.

Notice how I have named my blog ‘Anxiety, Depression and Me’… more specifically the ‘and Me’ part. Although your condition is a part of who you are, it does NOT define you. You are still the same person that you were before the diagnosis, nothing can take that away from you. And it will get better… your condition won’t always be the main focus of your life (even though it may seem like it sometimes).

Even though I found it difficult to see initially, I have discovered that many positives come with my illness – it’s not all negative! I hope to share my experiences with you and also help you to discover some of the positive attributes that your condition may have given you!


Self-care Darkspots style!

Recently I contacted Darkspots as I love what they do and knew that you would too. They run a monthly subscription service offering products, activities and tips to help you through your ‘dark spots’. I often get asked, ‘what tips do you have for managing anxiety/depression?’. To which my answer usually includes keeping a self-care …